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About Us

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We met working together in the beauty industry in the early 90's and instantly connected with a passion to share and uplift others. We were both single girls at the time, facing the world together and enjoying each new adventure with humor, determination, mischief and support . We had a lot in common and enjoyed  exploring our spirituality, goals, travels, family and our New York / Italian roots. Eventually we realized our friendship and our combined energy  was unstoppable and together we have successfully taken on one challenge after another for the past 30 years. There is never a dull moment when we are together and we are  always planning our next endeavor.  By overcoming obstacles and celebrating all of life’s precious moments we have strengthened our friendship and ultimately created a partnership that has no limits. Over time our mutual admiration society has empowered each other to strive to rise above any disappointments or distractions and live in "Certainty" and a "Parallel Universe". We thrive and shine  by sharing and  connecting with the high and low moments as they come. A mix of rock / pop, introvert / extrovert, complicated / simple and "of the universe" /  "down to earth". We are a dynamic duo, putting on our super hero capes, eager to share our experiences, knowledge and  talents. This is the true essence of Circuitry. Our commitment to "ALL" was born out of a 15 years plus and ongoing study of spirituality, combined with our individual personal devotion to not only bring the positive impact of this wisdom, but to also  express how it has transformed our life experiences and relationships  . We can't wait to share with all of you the the next steps in our collective journey going forward as one soul , united in love and Light. See What People Are Saying  , listen to our latest PODCAST Episode  or become a Subscriber




I grew up in Long Island, New York. My parents owned an Italian restaurant/ pizzeria and I spent a lot of time there, learning the business and playing the jukebox. I took dance lessons and loved going to the city to visit my grandma and family.

I moved to South Florida in High School. I loved business and chose a work program in school, which lead me to own one pizzeria after another with my Mom. I started my own family at just  20 years old. At this point I wanted a break from the restaurant business, so I went to beauty college and got my Cosmetology license . I loved this new career path yet I still opened another pizzeria. I guess it was in the blood and I always loved working with my Mom.


I Became a single Mom of two at 30 and went on to start a blended family resulting in 9 children and five grandchildren. It goes without saying that a family of this size  has always kept me busy with school events, graduations, weddings and travels. I was also blessed with the opportunity to raise and experience children with special needs. This  opened up a whole new world for me, full of compassion, empathy, more conscious communication choices and learning positive reinforcement. I am very proud and blessed to have a husband that has a limitless belief in life. I also am blessed with amazing adult children who share their given talents as musicians, teachers,  a cosmetologist and a night stocker. 

And the beat goes on…

I am still in the parenting  game with twin boys in elementary school. I think it goes without saying that I love being a Mom and all the joy and challenges that go with the job. 

I am an entrepreneur and always searching for how I can share my gifts. With that in my heart, I have learned so much over the years. The core of this knowledge is that with all my life choices, that I strive  to take responsibility, never stop improving and loving... no matter what. My talents include; hair styling, cooking, entertaining, planning and management . I love the beach, yoga, meditation, gardening, listening to every kind of music and dancing whenever and where ever I get the chance. Feeling the joy in doing these things lets me know I’m connecting with my higher self.

I was raised in Catholicism and even saw Pope Paul in Vatican City, Italy as a teen. It was then I felt an understanding of spirituality that would have me curious to expand my search and connect to wisdom that I resonated with. This is when I became a student  of spirituality and Kabbalah. I  have used this wisdom to continue to  transform myself so that I can reveal more and more Light in my life. This also helps me to connect to the people that surround me. I am especially excited to interact and guide  children with the concepts of Social /Emotional Learning. The lessons in this spiritual intelligence gives  children confidence to overcome any challenges and become caring and sharing people. I believe we can grow every day to create the life we are meant to live. I am very excited to go on this journey with you, discovering Circuitry together!  


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I was the first person in my family born in Florida. My parents left all our family roots and moved from New York with my older brother 2 years before, so my father could start his own business. From a very young age my creative and intuitive abilities were noticed and encouraged.I loved singing, dancing and theater from the age of 3. I could sing Judy Garland and Barbara Streisand note for note and was supported by my biggest fans, family and friends to take this talent as far as I could. I set my sights on the lights of  Broadway.  However, at the age of 15 I fronted my brothers rock band singing Stevie Nick and Pat Benatar and the crowd went wild. My entire world changed. The energy and connection to the audience was intoxicating and I saw how I could use my talents to reach people and lift them up. Inspired by so many in the industry I began to write my own songs and realized I had way with words and communicating fluently.

At this time I also started exploring religion and spirituality. I was searching for “the answers”, but I found there were more questions than anything definitive. There were however excellent guides, teachers and signposts for spiritual growth and connection to a higher power. I was always fascinated more by what united us and what we all had in common then what seemed to divide so many of us. 

I moved to New York and attended Hofstra University. This gave me access to Manhattan.  The city had a pulse and  energy that fueled my love of culture, new experiences and meeting people from all walks of life. This sparked a desire to travel more.It truly was becoming a small world after all.  As I entered my 30's I was seeing a pattern in always landing jobs that tapped into my talents in communication and leadership.  In my down time I was still focused on my music and I was a bit of a gypsy,  moving around a lot, living in Florida, London, Georgia, Pennsylvania and traveling constantly for my day job.

I was always drawn back home by my intense connection to the love of family and the children in my life. Of all the job titles I have had " Mom" and " Auntie Jean The Spoiler of All Children" is two of my favorites. 

My career was quickly accelerating. The part  I loved  was finding solutions and being the advocate and voice of the people. My musical pursuits dwindled, but I was still studying and experiencing new spirituality and the tools of Kabbalah, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism. I used these philosophies and techniques in every situation whether in conflict resolution at work or helping a dear friend with a personal problem. The common connections was that we are all a channel for higher energy to come through if we give it the space, love and encouragement. The same process of being open to having creativity download through me while writing or performing music is the same as receiving higher knowledge. It's the most amazing experience and I knew it was time to share this gift past my inner circle.  To sum up...I believe this is my calling. My journey and love of humanity (especially children) has brought me to this vocation. I am grateful for the years that  gave me time to learn, grow and obtain the experience needed to bring positive, balanced guidance. I am currently living in Atlanta with my beautiful 16-year-old daughter and I believe the adventure is just beginning. I am so thankful and excited for the opportunity to create Circuitry in all our lives. 

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