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Marcia ~ Texas

I have relied on Fortune’s guidance and counsel for a very long time. She has always been a ray of light in my life.  She has taught me how pro-active in raising children I could be.  She has been a very strong advocate and champion for children with Autism and their families facing these challenges. Her sense of spirituality plays an integral part in everything she does. She has been there for me on so many occasions I couldn’t even try to list them.  She has helped guide me through many obstacles and  challenges in my life. Her energy is always welcoming and full of love and light.

What People Are Saying

Jean's Testimonials

Lorraine ~ New York

I call Jean anytime I need her intuition & vast knowledge of life & business. I am always amazed of the details she mentions that she shouldn't  have knowledge of. She has predicted events & given me incredible insight. This gives me an advantage of being prepared with an inside edge of information that is priceless. Jean has also used her abilities & guidance to help me bring back peace & positive energy when I was experiencing destructive elements to my health & well-being. Her guidance has been accessible to me  for so long that it would be hard to name all of the validations & affirmations over the years. She is always  on target when I am in need of  clarity & confirmations. Through her counsel & intuition, she has helped me clear my  environment of negativity & of individuals that did not have my best interest at heart. Her insights are validated by current events & future conversations. To sum it up, my relationship with Jean is fluid & I allow her gifts to flow where they are needed. I trust her always & would recommend her to all.
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