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We love the chance to speak with our CIRCUITRY viewers and guide them with both fluid conversations and spiritual insights. You have experienced our chemistry on our podcast and social media and by booking a  session with us you get our combined energy, perspectives and life's experiences to create a personalized powerful sounding board of open communication and ideas. We can't wait to meet you and "Ignite Our Light" together.

To get a deeper insight, read our individual approaches below or delve in to our

About Us or What People Are Saying 




When I was young , the other kids would tease me about my name and ask if I could tell them their "fortune"… well I’m not a fortune teller, but I do care deeply about people and want to help as many as I can.

With that in mind, I am humbled to have the opportunity to offer my help to mend any discourse or chaos that is challenging you in your life. I am a good listener and through my experiences I can relate to any challenge or issue you may be having with an open heart and mind.

Sometimes we can feel stuck or overwhelmed with all life can throw at us. As we explore the personal challenges you are striving to overcome, we will create a Circuitry of sharing. I believe there are endless possibilities to creating and achieving happiness every day. I am truly dedicated to sharing any and all of "my story" to assist you. No subject is too shocking or taboo. I have dealt with marriage and all its highs and lows, children, and their success stories or challenges; including navigating through the Autism spectrum, support and guidance to friends and matter what their situations or crossroads they are facing. So together I will work with you and use all this wisdom from formal study and the school of life, to find proactive actions and how to use real spiritual tools to attain clarity and a path forward. This is always done with empathy and compassion to all.


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 I believe we are all the creators of our lives and no matter what "was" or "is" coming, we can change our path and manifest the life we desire.

My approach is unique. I combine all my life  experiences with my education, "intuition" and then use these tools as  needed to find the right combination to connect with you as an individual.

These gifts and practices are what compel me to help others.

WIth my guidance I can help you to break thru your own barriers and past conditioning to reconnect you to your own potential,  inner voice, instincts and  learn to trust them again.

The CIRCUITRY that will flow between us will  make each session unique.

During the past 20 years +, I have had the privilege of counseling individuals when they are at a personal crossroad, are needing relationship, spiritual transformation and even business or career advice.

I am willing and ready to help you get the support and answers you need.

I have come to believe that the universe has a way of guiding us with the help of signposts and affirmations if we are open and ready to  receive them. Together we can journey into your past, present or future to find the answers you are looking for. Receiving this knowledge and direction will give you the empowering experience to unburden whatever is creating blockages to your soul’s true path and purpose,

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